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[tlug] Pinentry

I just did a clean full reinstallation of Debian for the first time in a very long time and encountered a new, unasked for and unwanted item: A "pinentry" dialog (gtk-style) that asks for a passphrase, every time I open up my emailer in Emacs.

This does not accept any password used in my system, nor is any way hinted at for adding/changing a passphrase. Apparently it is an integral part of KDE, because if I try to uninstall it, KDE has to go too. But I can't find any entry on it in the KDE menu.

Surprisingly, Googling "configure pinentry" or "disable pinentry" also turns up virtually nothing useful. It is hard to imagine that no one else has regarded this a ridiculous nuisance.

Does anyone know how to render it either non-existent or non-functional?



Charles Muller

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