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Re: [tlug] How to setup MMS for Softbank mobile-phones ?

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 13:37, John Fremlin <> wrote:
> Clemens Schwaighofer wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 11:06, John Fremlin <> wrote:
>>> The MMS transport will use SMS to send a short notification to the
>>> recipient phone indicating that a message should be fetched. The phone
>>> will then fetch the message (over MMS/HTTP).
>> Honestly I doubt that. When I (docomo) send an email with an image
>> then it is a standard MIME mail. 100% standard. When I create a
>> deco-mail then it is again standard MIME HTML mail. There is no MMS
>> for those phones. Softbank might use it, because from "old" times when
>> they were j-phone/vodafone. But the others for 100% sure don't.
> I guess DoCoMo is using i-Mode
>> And even softbank sends normal mails. deco-mail is the same as for
>> docomo and when I send an image from softbank to docomo or vica versa
>> it is just pure mail.
> MMS uses MIME.
> The Softbank MMS gateway will convert to and from email.
> The phone sends and receives MMS which is converted to emails by the message
> centre. To external users it looks like email.
> I don't know how the old-style handsets do it but this works with 3G
> Softbank. It's branded "email" and not "MMS" but it uses MMS.

This must be a Softbank feature, because docomo couldn't use SMS until
a view years back and still now it is very very limited.

On the other hand, if I not attach images to a message, but create an
HTML message with html formating I just can't image that MMS can do

Clemens Schwaighofer /

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