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Re: [tlug] domain name/hosting etc

JC Helary <> wrote:
> > i think value-domain has something for that too but i have
> > never used it.
> After checking the page (they _do_ need a web designer...) there is a  
> "free web hosting" option that comes with advertisement, and without  
> for a few more \... I think that is a done deal ! Thank you for the  
> information !

Do note that their web hosting (xrea) is done out of someone's
apartment and not a real data center.  That's why it is so cheap.

Xrea's email and ftp broke earlier this year (for a large portion
of users who hosted there, paid or free) and it took them 2 weeks to fix

That said, you probably can't find anything cheaper that also lets you
run scripts/use php/mysql/postgresql etc.  So for personal/demostration
use they are okay, but I won't bet a business on them.  (And don't
forget to backup your data!)

Stephen Lee <>

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