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[tlug] [Fwd: [Bug 1240] no SCIM applet (for japanese input) for root]

Would someone mind helping me with this please? Its for Debian-edu aka
Skolelinux, which is what we use at my school. I think I know what is
needed for Japanese input from an English login (which is all I need), but
what else would be needed if a Japanese school wanted to use it? In other
words if you were installing debian in japanese, with KDE 3.



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Subject: [Bug 1240] no SCIM applet (for japanese input) for root
Date:    Sat, April 4, 2009 4:53 pm

------- Comment #3 from  2009-04-04 09:53 -------
The tasksel framework has since been extended to handle language
specific subtasks, and I am working on a japanese task now.  Need to
know which packages to install.  Please update this bug with
name of debian packages in Lenny to install in a japanese desktop.

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