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Re: [tlug] emacs in Tokyo on Friday ?

On mardi 17 févr. 09, at 20:51, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

JC Helary writes:

Aquamacs Emacsならばちょっとした話はできます。

Somebody is ready to make a short presentation about emacs at the
coming Open Source Conference/Tokyo - Spring ?

Er, are you recruiting speakers, or are you advertising your own talk?

I'll be speaking about something else, but there is a "text editor" session and they seemed to be missing somebody to talk about emacs.

Since I happen to use Aquamacs I proposed to talk about that, but more about the "Mac" features than about emacs proper. But the organiser did not seem to be interested by that.

If the former, I'm always ready to talk about XEmacs ... but what does
the audience want to hear?

Well, its close enough to emacs, right ;)

The details are here:

2009-02-20 (金) 16:15-17:00 エディタ/開発環境大集合

金曜参加していてその時間暇でemacsについて語れる 人いませんか?

And the OP is:


berobero at users dot sourceforge dot net

Jean-Christophe Helary

ps : I'll be talking about OmegaT on Friday, starting around 13h.
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