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[tlug] Japanese in Wine -- Problem with the Basics

I walked through the installation instructions recommended (thanks, again) three times before finally getting everything to install in the correct places (yes, I _did_ double check all addresses each time before pressing the "Enter" key but they didn't work as advertised the first time out).

I am now able to run basic CJK WINE installations from CD. However, when I attempt to run installed setups from a WIN type directory structure, I have the following issue arising:


$ cd /home/[machine name]/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/TF-FS55M-APP/
bash: cd: /home/[machine name]/.wine/drive_c/Program: No such file or directory


Is there a simple solution for this? It would appear that Konsole is finding blank spaces to be an end of command and I find no other character that would tell bash "this space is intentionally left blank" or equivalent.

IIRC, putting an underline in the directory name will cause it to stop working for WIN purposes.


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