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Re: [tlug] Computer fails to boot

David Bernat writes:

 > I cannot see a way to set permissions for /bin/sh. Knoppix labels /bin/sh
 > as a link without permissions,

*sheesh*  Either Knoppix is broken or your drive is.

 > dash can be changed only with root rights, and I can't see a way to get
 > root rights at the moment.

Huh?  Doesn't Knoppix give you a boot screen, with an option to choose
different boot sequences?  There should be a way to give options to
the kernel.  Just give it the option "single" which will drop you into
a root shell.  Or if you can get to a shell, try "sudo su" with
whatever the generic Knoppix password is, probably null (if you have
access to a bootable drive with removable media, you have root, so why
bother with a password?)

If you can't figure out how to do that with Knoppix, get a real repair
disk, such as a vanilla Debian install disk.

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