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Re: [tlug] GPL Quote

Christian Horn writes:

 > > Well, you want something stronger than the GPL, then. The GPL only
 > > forces you to make modifications public if you make the compiled version
 > > public; you can modify all you like without distributing source if you
 > > don't distribute the binary.
 > True.. maybe thats because noone could track if the code gets modified
 > somewhere, somehow anyway.

No.  RMS has been quite firm about this.  Your private use of GPLed
code is *nobody's business but yours*.  He remains suspicious even of
the Affero clause that requires publication of source for deployed but
not distributed web applications.  That's why it's not part of the
GPLv3 proper, but rather is incorporated in a separate license (which
he recommends, but still keeps the plain GPLv3 as equally

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