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Re: [tlug] deleting a local list of filenames from remote server

First, my thanks to all those who responded to my query. With all of the helpful suggestions, I'm sure I'll be able to make something work shortly, and I'll let the list know what I end up with.

I just want to reply to Keith Bawden and Dan Ramaley, both of whom made the suggestion of running this as a cron job on the remote server. Yes, I can do this (and Pair Networks, my hosting service, even has a web interface for setting up cron jobs).

But because of the particular nature of the system of my dictionary updates (I delete files from the cache only when I am simultaneously uploading new source files, and I only do that when there is sufficient new material, and after the XML source files have been validated) I can't have it running automatically.

I do understand the point though, and realize that it is a sensible suggestion--something that I will eventually try to implement when all of my collaborators are working with XML-validating software. Unfortunately, most of the people who are contributing data are limited to working in MS-Word, so I have to convert their data to XML and validate it myself.




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