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Re: [tlug] UIM-Anthy Command Silliness

For the first time, I get no Anthy toolbar ... at all. ...
I had a little trouble getting UIM/Anthy set up when I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibis. Nothing related to Thunderbird or Firefox, so I don't think I can help you there. But some other things might be of use:

First... I just looked in Synaptic, and I don't see an Anthy-specific toolbar. Isn't it the UIM toolbar you want? That's the one that appears on the Gnome panel and allows you to do things like configure Anthy.

Assuming, then, that you want the UIM one, you need to get the package called uim-applet-gnome (or uim-applet-kde). Then you need to log in and out. And then you can right click on your panel and select "Add to Panel...". Last, in the list, you select "Input Method Indicator". That places the icon on your panel from which you can access configurations.

Second... After my fresh install, I would go into the Input Method manager interface and do all my configurations. But, no matter how many times I double checked and saved my preferences, they didn't actually take effect.

Turns out there was this hidden directory in my home folder called ".xim.d", which had one file in it called UTF_CA. If I recall, I looked it up on the web and discovered it was a configuration file associated with SCIM. So I deleted the directory, logged in and out, and then Anthy was working fine. Maybe it's something like that might be contributing to command-key issues?

Hope that helps.

-- Dave M G

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