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Re: [tlug] OLPC G1G1 in 日本国; no WinXP

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 5:16 AM, steven smith <> wrote:
jep200404 wrote:
OLPC will do G1G1 again. This time, it will be offered worldwide (presumably

Interesting though that the picture on the page has an OLPC with the little windows logo on it's screen. :)

Steve S.

Apparently though XPis pretty much DOA.
The issue looks to me like MS is not understanding the target audience for the system.

It appears that their toy (which is what it is at this stage, the favorite toy of a handful of developers) is geared towards the hobbiest at best, and people with way too much money to need a OLPC anyway.

It does not seem to have anything implying that the developers had a clue about what is needed to teach a class in the backwoods boondocks of a small African nation.

Linux has the advantage in that area in that people have been doing cusomized versions for everything from pocket calculators to toasters for years.  And I can say this without exageration.  :P  The cheapest device they ever thought of putting windows on before now was a three hundred dollar cell phone.

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