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Re: [tlug] reply-to headers

Godwin Stewart writes:
 > Curt Sampson wrote:
 > > But I don't think always appending is a terribly good idea; if I
 > > post, for example, a job posting or for-sale notice, I would
 > > normally set the reply-to just to me, so that the list isn't
 > > bothered by other responses, and reduce the possibility that
 > > someone might send their resume or whatever to the list.
 > If they reply via "reply to list" and not "reply to sender", whose
 > fault is it if their resumé appears on the list?

Theirs.  But under TLUG policy, if they reply to sender, it will go to
the list anyway, and that is TLUG's fault.

You would think that TLUG people would have potty-trained MUAs that
can handle the concept of setting Reply-To and flexibly handle
replying, but nooooooooo.....

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