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Re: [tlug] reply-to headers

On 2008-09-05 08:34 +0200 (Fri), Lars Kotthoff wrote:

> > But heck, the admin team likes to see other people's resumes, and
> > they're in charge of the server, so I'm not going to bother arguing it.
> ...and you're writing another mailing list server, which will be oh so much
> better ;)

Well, this is an options setting, really, nothing inherent in the
mailing list server itself.

Being the advocate of freedom that I am, I cannot deny others the tools
of repression. :-) So you'll be able to do this in mhailist, too. But
of course, in the spirit of being a better MLM, you'll have much better
variety of ways to oppress people. (Replace, append, add only if not
present, etc.)

Plus, it looks as if TLUG won't use it if we don't offer that

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