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Re: [tlug] Anyone using a E-mobile D11LC data card?

> It just shows up as a standard CDC-ACM USB serial device under Linux.
> It took me about 30 seconds to get it working with Debian.  I used the
> instructions here:
> to get it working.

Wish I could say it has been as easy for me.  My arch laptop saw it as a
usb flash drive when I plugged it in.  I was able to use usb_modeswitch to
get it to report as a modem, but then I could only get devices assigned to
it if I passed the product and vendor IDs to usbserial when I loaded the
module.  Getting all that taken care of was easy, but I still can't
actually connect.  I've tried both the directions you've linked to and the
howto that Dietrich Bollmann posted to the list back in May.  I think I'm
close, ppp log shows that the modem is responding to commands but it fails
partway though.  Maybe I'll throw Debian on my spare box so I can see what
happens when it works and then try to duplicate that on my laptop.

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