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[tlug] [JOB POSTING] Junior-ish IT positions @ Amazon

Hello All,

Sorry for the spam.

If any of you know of people that might be interested in a Junior-ish
(half way between what I would expect from a junior and a mid level IT
support staffer to be) IT position at Amazon please ask them to
contact me at  bawden _AT_ amazon _DOT_ com   for details.

# The person must have good Japanese conversational skills with at
least basic writing abilities.

# They must be keen, energetic, have a passion for technology (the
geekier the better I say), good time management and prioritization
skills and the potential and want to grow into bigger and better

# Basic/general/broad knowledge of IT.

# No Linux skills required.

# No English skills required (but favourable)

# A willingness to do shift work.

NOTE: The position is not server related.

Regards, Keith

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