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[tlug] Help battle test my site?


As some of you know, I was having a little trouble getting my site to properly handle cookies and non-cookie sessions.

Each time I had it solved, someone would find a new bug. Which is cool. That's how stuff gets sorted.

But before I put up my next article, I'd like to have more confidence in my pages just working.

Anyway, I *think* (hope... pray...) that I've got it tightened up now.

So if anyone is willing and able, could you just go to the site and click around, and just see if it falters anywhere? And if it does, let me know what the problem was?

Hit it with cookies on, cookies off, break out the obscure browsers (SnowBadger? DirtCondor? ZincMantis?)... do whatever. Should work in just about anything. I hope...

If you turn CSS off, or view it in a text browser, it will probably look like crap, but at least it should work.

Oh, and if it actually works without any problems, that would be nice to know too.


Dave M G

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