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[tlug] Re: Why the shirts? Why TLUG?

While I think it is worthwhile to consider the purposes of an
organization, I don't feel like this discussion has been especially
productive, and I rather regret having contributed to starting it. Nor
do I see my own contribution as particular effective or
constructive... Nevertheless, I'll try to clarify a couple of points.

First, you should note that I do tend to write clearly, and even
forcefully. That does not mean my thoughts should be taken as holy
writ, or even that my opinions are as strong as they might sound when
cast into concrete words. Nor am I suggesting that anyone else should
adopt any of my perspectives. However, I am attempting to describe
some of my own reasons for not being fully satisfied TLUG, and I am
trying to offer some hopefully constructive suggestions for
alternatives that might be considered. (Alternately, someone might
offer a reference to a different users group...) I haven't noticed any
constructive responses to those suggestions. Most of the responses are
simply defenses of the status quo. It's basically easy to argue
against change, though some of the arguments offered have been rather
laughable. (Of course I'm thinking of the elitism dance... So how many
angels can dance on the cover of the manual?) I even admit that I
don't really like changes, but they happen, and the long-term average
trend is for improvements.

I doubt it will help, but the discussion has gotten me to thinking
about various kinds of user groups that I've been involved with over
long years. TLUG strikes me as being closest to a cross between my
first two... The first one was completely informal. Just a group of
school friends who gathered frequently to talk about such things as
our computer programs, though mostly to play chess and pinochle. We
scattered and the group dissolved. I joined the second one around the
time I finished my computer science degree. It still exists, and I'm
still in touch with them via their mailing list. It was slightly more
formal than TLUG, but still essentially a friendly group living on
charity. It stopped growing many years ago. There are still some
technical discussions, but the main topics are now social, and the
most active topics are when someone passes away... In contrast, in the
same area there was a rather more formally structured group. It also
continues to exist, but in contrast seems quite active. They have
large monthly meetings, small annual dues, and a dozen active special
interest groups, including one for Linux beginners. I participated in
both of those groups around 25 years ago. In the less formal one I was
was a relatively big fish in a small pond, and that was the group I
was much more involved in... There are also the professional

Not sure what conclusion to draw from any of it... However, these days
I'm more interested in getting things done with minimal overhead, even
including the sacred reading of the manuals.

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