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Re: [tlug] Linux-compatible Mac laptop? SOLVED

On Apr 12, 2007, at 9:24 AM, Micheal Cooper wrote:

On 2007/04/11, at 17:34, Joseph Essertier wrote:


One interesting thing about Japanese with Mac is that my machine was purchased with a Japanese OS, but when it is turned on the first time, it asks what language you want to use as default. I chose Japanese and set up with it. Then I went into the system preferences and changed my language to English to see what would happen. Well, I can install and use MS Office X Japanese and it works just fine, with Japanese menus and all, but the system seems to be English.

The system uses the the lproj-files of the apps by order of the language you have chosen in the International-preferences pane. MS Office is one of the rare softwares that doesn't get that right - I hope they'll change that with Office 2008 (coming this year). I have an American Office and have to use the Language Register Tool from MS Office to get all the Japanese capabilities (changes some menus to Japanese and it works only with a Japanese or an American Office). I don't like Carbon-appsâ

The login screen directions are still Japanese, but the environment is English.

That seems to be set by the beginning setup or by the keyboard- layout of the connected keyboard (never got figured that outâhave here only one with a German layout)

However, it accepts either Japanese or English software just fine, and the terminal window is Japanese-capable.

It accepts software in every language because Mac OS X is fully UTF-8- compliant afaik


I would love to be able to use Linux like this, with an English system that features universal and consistent Japanese support. Japanese is the only thing that keeps me from being more of a Linux user.

That is possibleâ I think I had this several years agoâwas always a little bit of hassle to set it up but worked w/out any problems

Btw. Japanese file names can be a problem if you try to get them from a ftp-server but a good ftp-client (like the free cyberduck) gives you the chance to set the encoding - when you download the stuff then the file names seem to be converted to UTF-8


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