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Re: [tlug] httpd strangeness

On Fri, 6 Apr 2007, scott wrote:

The last couple of days I've noticed some strange behavior with my
server at home- extreme network latency all of a sudden. Ping time to
google is usually 208 ms but during this phenomena it shoots up to over
2000 ms.

A couple of bits of advice for situations like this:

1. Use "mtr" to find out at which segment of the path between you and
the slow host things slow down. This can tell you if it's your local
link overloading or something else.

2. If you're running an HTTP or FTP server or something similar, make
sure you know why you're running it and what you're serving. Don't run
servers of any sort that you don't need to run for a specific purpose.

3. If someone's downloading something via HTTP or FTP or whatever, check
your log files to see what's being downloaded.

A few years ago, NetBSD took over the mantle of "most secure OS as
installed" from OpenBSD mainly because it has less stuff running and
listening to the network (nothing but inetd, with an effectively empty
configuration file) on a default installation. OpenBSD got caught with
a version of sshd that was started by default and subject to a buffer

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