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[tlug] TLUG Funding (was: Feisty Upgrade, USB issues and other oddities)

On 04/04/07, Shannon Jacobs <> wrote:

My oddity comment regards the club funding... This auction-based thing kind
of bothers me. In my current technical and non-programmatic state, I don't
feel like I'm likely to make any significant technical contributions. That
leaves non-technical contributions, including funding--but auctions sort of
leave me out. Partly I feel I have too much junk already, but mostly it
bothers me to feel like some people seem to be taking significant financial
hits for the fractional benefit of the group. I'd rather just pony up a bit
at each meeting and let it go at that.

There is nothing stopping you from making a donation. Or bring in some of the junk that you have and donate it for auction.

From that perspective, I'd rather invert the problem. I suggest the club
decide on a budget and let the members discuss it and vote on it. Having
decided on how much money is needed, just divide it up by the number of
meetings and the number of people at each meeting, and ask for donations of
the appropriate amount, perhaps defrayed by auction proceeds or any other
revenue sources. I don't know what the budget has been, but considering the
meetings I've attended over the last few months, if most people gave a
hundred yen at a meeting, that would probably generate rather more revenue
than seems to be needed...

Nah. If TLUG has gotten along along without charging dues--even quasi-voluntary ones like you propose--until now, I don't see the need to change.

I think that charging a fee at meetings would keep some people away,
and the general idea is that we want more geeks, not less.


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