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Re: [tlug] Running multiple web development environments on one machine

Jim, Stephen, Godwin,

Thank you for your helpful advice.

I find that I'm a bit caught. On the one hand, Godwin makes sense, and the set up configurations suggested by Jim and Stephen look very likely to be more complicated than I want to take on. I mean, I'm willing to do some work to set things up, but one does have to consider a balance between constantly setting things up and actually doing the work the set up is intended for - in this case making web sites.

On the other hand, I have already run into troubles with differing versions of things. MySQL handles passwords differently between versions 3.2 and 4.1, and WikiMedia wouldn't work when I tried to mirror it between my home and hosting service because of differing versions. And there are differences in Unicode support, which seems to come up a lot as an issue as sites I make often use Japanese.

More significantly in a way, whenever I look for help on mailing lists and whatnot, as helpful as people are, as soon as they catch on to the fact that my home environment and my hosting environment might be different, they throw their hands up and say "well, first you need to be using the same versions. You can't be sure that things will ever work right if you have different versions".

I guess I'll have to do some more considerations of the costs and benefits of attempting such a set up and see if the rewards do make the effort worthwhile.

Dave M G

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