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Re: [tlug] Off-topic: Dictionaries

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim  <> writes:

    Jim>    Given a Chinese character, look up details on that
    Jim> character.

You might want to look at XEmacs/CHISE, nee XEmacs/UTF-2000 (which
should give you some idea how old the fork is).  I don't think it does
animated drawing, but it will do most of the rest based on a
comprehensive internal database.

    Jim> Also, how would one say all the two syllable words,
    Jim> specifying the beginning consonant, and ending vowel? That
    Jim> might be one of the few places where romanization is superior
    Jim> to the native script.

It's  trivial regexp on the yomi, though.  Remember that Japanese
orthography is incredibly regular and orthogonal.  It you're really
luck, you might find that something like masking off the bottom 3 bits
gives you the consonant!

If you had to do this kind of thing a lot (== in an inner loop over a
large text), it might pay to design an appropriate coding which had
that property, and transform the target before doing the searches.

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