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[tlug] Samba network permissions suddenly restricted


I'm running Windows XP as a virtual machine using Vmware Player within Ubuntu Dapper 6.06.

I have the two OSs networked together, using a standard Samba connection. So far as I know, the fact that one is a virtual machine makes no difference to the network setup. It should behave as any network connection does.

And it was working fine for days after the initial set up. I had a folder on my Gnome desktop marked "WindowsXP", which linked to a shared folder on the Desktop of XP. I could move, copy, delete, and modify files in that directory.

Today, I went to that directory, expecting business as usual, and discovered that I could not copy files from Windows to Linux. It said: "smb://192....filename.txt" cannot be copied because you do not have permissions to read it.

Checking the permissions of the folder, it's dr--r--r--, or 444.

So far as I know, I didn't do any modifications to the folder since last time I successfully moved files from it. Nor have I even rebooted.

I checked on the Windows side to make sure all the folders are set to be shared and modified by anyone. I unmounted and remounted the network drive. I tried creating and using other shared files in Windows.

And of course I went down the Google trail to see what to do, but was unsuccessful in finding a parallel to my current problem.

So here I am. I can not modify the directories at all from within Ubuntu anymore.

What do I do to set permissions on this network drive? And how do I get it to stick?

Dave M G

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