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Re: [tlug] DHCP v PPPoE for DSL IP Address

Jim <> wrote:
> David E wrote:
> > With YahooBB the router needs to get its IP address from
> > the ISP using DHCP, 
> How does this compare with PPPoE? 

With DHCP (as used by YahooBB):

1. You don't have to set up the PPPoE username/password router in the

2. The MTU remains at 1500 which avoids some problems with broken sites.

OTOH, changing ISP is relatively difficult, needs work by NTT and taking
a few weeks to switch.  Not to mention there's not many other ADSL
ISP that does DHCP and give you a global address.

NTT Flet's support multiple ISPs, so just changing the PPPoE setup at
the router let you easily go back and forth between ISPs.  You can even
have simultaneous connections to different ISPs (maximum number depends
on what type of Flet's service you have).


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