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[tlug] Remembering the Kanji -- off topic?

>>>>> "sjs" == sjs  <> writes:

    sjs> Hi all If this is too far off topic, please redirect me.  It
    sjs> has to do with learning Kanji and Japanese and not Linux.

    sjs> I recently picked up a book called "remembering the kanji" by
    sjs> James Helsig at the recomendation of a friend.

    sjs> So far the book makes a lot of sense, and seems to work for
    sjs> me.  But I can't make sense of one field in the tables in the
    sjs> book and can't find info on it in the book or on line.  I've
    sjs> googled everything I can think of for a q&a or FAQ for the
    sjs> book without success.  I can't find an email address for
    sjs> James Helsig (although I wouldn't be surprised if he is on
    sjs> this list) and can't find an email address for the publisher
    sjs> "Tokyo Japan Publications."

    sjs> Some of the tables have numbers in square brackets (eg: [5])
    sjs> that don't seem to go either to pages or kanji.  I have a 5th
    sjs> edition of the book and don't know if something changed or I
    sjs> am just missed something.

    sjs> Any help would be appreciated.

Could it be the stroke count?


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