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Re: [tlug] -proposal- 2/25 extra TLUG meeting

A.Tomita wrote:

>   I got word that Art Tyde, co-founder CEO of Linuxcare, 
>   co-founder/president of the Bay Area Linux Users Group, 
>   and currently at Levanta (the company that used to be
>   called Linuxcare) will be in Japan in the end of the month.
There's an article at Linux Forum about Art's TLUG visit - here:'s_ginza_visit.html


PS - Wait a minute - they have put a "'" in the URL - I think that might 
not work correctly - so be sure to have the whole thing in there.... 
Here's the first part of the article:

Art Tyde's Ginza Visit

Contributed by Lyle Saxon in Reviews


February 25th, I took a couple of trains across town to Ginza for a 
special TLUG meeting with Art Tyde. Being a Saturday, I had mixed 
feelings about going out for something that seemed a little more like 
work than fun, but the man crossed the Pacific, so the least I could do 
was to cross Tokyo! The last time I attended a meeting, I was expecting 
to meet a California man and I met someone from South Africa, so this 
time I was pleased to discover someone from my old stomping grounds in 
San Francisco and Silicon Valley (no problem with South Africa mind you, 
I just mean it was nice to meet someone from my old hometown).

Walking into the company conference room where the meeting was held, I 
sat down with the other expat Linux people in the room and looked over 
at Art, who looked around at us all with a bemused expression and asked 
what was with the lack of locals.  We laughed and explained that there 
are J-locals on the TLUG list, but since the list is an English language 
one, it's a bit heavy with expats (a couple of the local members did 
show up later on).

So - to go over some parts of what Art talked about during the Ginza 
meeting, here are some select transcriptions from a recording I made 
(with permission) of the meeting.

Tyde: "I've got a bunch of different things that I've been working on. 
One is obviously the standards group, so that's the... ah... Linux 
standard base, which we just actually got approved as an ISO standard... 
which is a big deal."

SB-1: "So now we have to pay for it..."

Tyde: [laughter] "No... you can still get it for free... but not from 
the ISO website!  But they're happy to send you something like 40 pounds 
worth of books [for a price]."And one of my start-up companies is coming 
into Japan for a second time. Back in '96, I started this company called 
LinuxCare, which was here for a while, but then when the bubble 
burst, LinuxCare's customers went out of business. So everybody scaled 
down and then LinuxCare kind of looked around and said; 'Okay... IBM is 
basically making off with all the support business and it's a changed 
space now. We need to get a product that's...' so ah... they did that, 
and now they're actually coming back into Japan, and they have this 
gadget that will provision Linux machines, which is kind of cool.
"Um... looking around in Japan, it's like... everybody lies to me about 
which are popular Linux distributions; Red Hat tells you they own the 
market, Turbo tells you they own the market... who actually uses Linux, 
and what Linux do they use around here?"

Etc.  See the article in Linux Forum for the full text - the link I put 
above might not work, so try accessing it from the front page, here:


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