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[tlug] Free computer hardware to give away.

I usually give this stuff away to the Tokyo PC User's group, but I can't 
figure out how to get on their mailing lists ever since they reduced 
down to just two lists, "On-Topic" and "Off-Topic".

So, this is for whoever wants it, first come, first serve, as-is and no 
guarantees. The taker assumes any costs for pick up, or chakubarai.

Two internal drives, one CD-R, the other DVD with CD-R. Note that the 
DVD with CD-R only writes CDs, it does not write DVDs. It can, however, 
read DVDs.
Also, I have this casing for a drive. I'm not sure how to describe it. I 
got this DVD-R drive that came inside this case, which connects to the 
computer by USB. I found that I could take the drive out of the case and 
attach it internally to the IDE drive inside the computer. So I did 
that, and I'm enjoying faster read and write times this way. But now I 
have the case left over. It could, maybe, possibly, allow one to put in 
a different IDE CD or DVD drive in side it, and make it USB 
connnectable. But that would involve probably knowing about jumper 
settings and stuff which I just can not be bothered to fiddle with. So 
anyone who enjoys that kind of hassle is welcome to it.

So, to recap:
1. CD-R internal drive. By Sony, i think. it came out of an old Dell, 
and doesn't have a brand clearly marked.
2. DVD + CD-R internal drive. By Ricoh.
3. Case for making internal drives into USB connectable drives. Maybe. 
Use at your own risk.

Actually, all of it is use at your own risk. If you take these off my 
hands and they blow up your computer or your dog develops psoriasis as a 
result, then you have my sympathy, but that's it. Hey, they're free.

I'm in Ebisu, so you can come down and pick them up some evening, or I 
can chakubarai them to you. Or whatever.

Any interested takers should email me off list.


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