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[tlug] Postscript Problems

Hey Everyone....

I was previously told to use latex to make my postscript files, but 
platex has turned out to be a horrible hack for what i am trying to do, 
so I am going back to trying to write my own postscript files.

..... anyway here is the problem.
<2138 493d 4c6f 2122 4c29 4b3e 2123 2139> show
These are hex numbers right? I have tried with perl to convert them back 
into kanji without any luck

I got the following code from this page ->

%%BoundingBox: 50 450 550 600
%%Pages: (atend)
%%Page: 1 1
findfont 60 scalefont setfont
50 500 moveto

<2138 493d 4c6f 2122 4c29 4b3e 2123 2139> show


I thought I would start by working backward and changing these numbers 
back to kanji and then once i got it right I could work the other way.

use Unicode::Japanese;
my $s = Unicode::Japanese->new;

my $number  = hex('493d');

my $thing  = chr($number);

print $s->set($thing,jis)->utf8,"\n";

.... this doesn't work

Can anybody tell me how to do this?


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