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Re: [tlug] empty rows (PostgreSQL)

>>>>> "wileyc" == Christopher SEKIYA <> writes:

    wileyc> On 2/14/2005, "Josh Glover" <> wrote:

    >> Jonathan Byrne runs OpenBSD? I though he was d3814n 4 l1f3
    >> 817ch3Z!!!

    wileyc> IIRC GOL had an "incident" involving an OpenBSD server
    wileyc> during Jonathan's watch.

Yah.  It wasn't his box, at least he strove to give that impression.
He did have a .sig that said "the only box we ever had owz3r3d ran
OpenBSD", which is what the ObRef(2) was ObRef(2)ing to.

(Why ObRef(2)?  You know, it was years before I realized that the Ob
in ObRef(1) meant "obligatory"!)

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              ask what your business can "do for" free software.

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