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[tlug] Squeak Resources

Good evening TLUGers,

	Thanks to all that made it to my presentation in beautiful, sunny 
Tokyo. :-)
This email is for those who had more interest in Squeak and wanted some
useful links that I didn't put down at all in my presentation (sorry 
about that).
Just for note, although these websites are very good resources a lot of 
the active
action for Squeak tends to happen on the mailing lists.  The ones I tend
to follow are the Squeak Developers Mailing List (VERY high traffic),
the Squeak VM Developers, the Squeak-ja (Japanese) mailing list, and the
Open Croquet mailing lists.  I believe you should be able to find info
on the mailing lists from the links below.

Here is a select list of links I think would be interesting to
TLUGers with some brief explanations of each:
------------------------   ->  The main eToys resource.   You can 
download the
branch of Squeak which is aimed for children.
                                                          This should 
also install a Squeak Plugin for your browser so
                                                           you can 
publish Squeak projects on the web and be able to
                                                           view them 
from a browser.       ->  The Japanese version of above    ->    A website for the 
Japanese version of Squeak.
                   I've not fully researched the differences between
                   the and this version.  But the
                   this is where the Japanese version first came up.      ->   This is the Spanish branch of 
Squeakland.  I think eventually
                                                            this will 
fold into the Squeakland eventually but it has slightly
goals than the Squeakland folk.            ->   The main web site for people who 
want to hack on Squeak.     ->  A very large collection of 
information on Squeak.
     A little cluttered and not all the information matches
     what is happening but a very large and useful resource.       ->   Conference on 
Creating, Connecting, and Collaborating
               through Computing.  Lots of Squeakers will show be here.
               It's at the end of this month.  If anyone is going 
hopefully I'll
               see you there    ->  The ALAN-K project 
in Kyoto  -> Fun Fun Fun 
Squeak. A great resource on learning
                                    eToys in japanese.          -> Drink the 3-D Koolaid

Hope that helps.  Seeya at the next TLUG!

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