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[tlug] From win2000server Domain - file server to Linux

Hello, actually I am in the process to buy a new server rack
to substitute the old company pc that actually act as
file server and domain controller on a windows2000server os.
Vendors offer solutions with unlimited win2003server accounts
rack at a considerably high price. So I am wondering if
could be convenient to have instead a linux box with samba
acting as domain controller and file server. I have about 70
users to join and need about 1 Terabyte of disk space for
all the files.

I would like to know if 1) exists a comparison sheet between ntfs
and various Linux filesystem (ext3,reiserfs,xfs) performance.
I've googled around without finding something concrete.
2) If samba can hold a 80-90 users load (I suppose you can set
users and groups permissions for each share) and if can work
as domain controller as well as win does (or better?)

Does anyone actually administrate users on a linux/samba environment?
What do you suggest? (I read somewhere that Ldap can be a better
administration system).
If anyone want share his experience with it, or has some useful link,
let me know^^;



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