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Re: [tlug] Flash Freeze

On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 10:47:02 +0100, Godwin Stewart <> wrote:

> On Mon, 08 Nov 2004 13:20:29 +0900, "Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon"
> <> wrote:
> > What is so powerful about a flash memory card reader that it completely
> > freezes up the computer?
> Probably the fact that some kernel code locks up, meaning that the rest of
> the system is locked.
> Are you using the 2.6.x preemptible kernel? If my understanding of how that
> functions is correct, it should allow you to retain control enough to reboot
> gracefully with a 3-finger salute.

Or, if your kernel has SysRq magic enabled, you may be able to reboot
by holding down Ctrl + Alt + SysRq (AKA PrintScreen) and pressing: s u

s tells the kernel to sync its buffers, u to umount all filesystems,
and b to reboot. This is the safest way to reboot in case of a hard
lock. Often times, the kernel will be responsive enough to handle this
even when the Caps Lock / Num Lock keys do not cycle the LEDs.

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