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[tlug] P-II to P-III

"P-II to P-III"

I wondered if I was wasting my time and money when I bought a Y2,100 
computer (P-III, 450MHz, functional but with no HDD) so I could upgrade 
my work computer from a P-II 350MHz to the P-III 450MHz, but in the 
event, in spite of it requiring a little more time than I had expected, 
the result surprises me a little.  It's only a 100MHz climb (with the 
same memory boards, same HDD, and same software setup), but things are 
working quite a bit better.  I seem to have crossed the threshold of 
what the CPU can effectively handle without running beyond capacity half 
the time, leading to perpetual time lags for just about everything.  It 
was definitely a worthwhile expenditure of Y2,100 and now I have an 
extra test computer as well (the P-II 350MHz).

Aside from the faster processing, is there some fundamental difference 
between P-II and P-III processors?  Does the "III" have some meaning 
other than for marketing purposes?


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