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[tlug] Japanese input trouble (kinput2/wnn): Applications hang when I type my town

OK, so my Japanese input on my KDE/Debian Sarge PC mostly works great, but
appears to object to converting certain words.

Trying to convert to the kanji of this charming Saitaman town of Asaka,
for example, causes the application I'm typing in to stop responding. This
happens with Opera, Kate, Kedit, whatever.

It apparently has no objection to Sayama, Shiki, Iruma, Wakou-shi or even

Here's how I set this up (I think):

	sudo apt-get install freewnn-jserver
	sudo apt-get install kinput2-wnn

	...and accept all the defaults, which among other things puts the
following in my .xsession file:
	export LANG
	# 日本語入力 (XIM) の設定
	# XIM サーバーを起動する
	if type kinput2 &> /dev/null ; then
	  kinput2 -wnn &
	fi ; export XMODIFIERS

Anyone know what the problem could be? Or do I need to move to Niiza?

Edmund Edgar

Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client blah blah blah blah

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