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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input

Gábor Farkas wrote:

> (i cannot read japanese (yet;), so i ask here).
> in what aspects is atok better than canna/anthy/m17/uim/iiim/xim?
> i am asking because for example i use canna+uim, and i don't know in 
> what aspect could it become better.
> is the canna part (the kana->kanji conversion part) better?
> or the way it interacts with the rest of linux?

I have never used ATOK, either in Linux or in Windows, but I am
guessing that it would have some sort of users dictionary that would
allow you to add new characters and compounds. As far as I know,
canna, whether with anthy or not, does not have this option available
in a readily usable manner. (If it does, I'd love to hear about it).

Up to now, I've been doing virtually all of my East Asian language
work on Linux via Emacs, mostly inputting through Japanese. With my
present setup, I'm able to manually add to, and then compile, the main
dictionary file named ja-dic.el.

I instally anthy-uim after it was announced here a couple of weeks
ago, and got it working in other apps, such as Mozilla and Openoffice,
but have not been able to figure out the mechanism for adding
user-defined characters and compounds.

Thus, if it turns out that ATOK can deliver a full-fledged IME system
for Linux that includes some customization tools, I'd certainly be
happy to pay for it.


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