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Re: [tlug] Compiling HOWTO!

Hi Ahmed,

Le 03/10/04 10:28, Ahmed Sarwar ecrivait :
> I don't know if it's the right place to ask this but,
> Can anyone please tell me how can I compile a 
> new kernel without loosing my old configurations?
> Because I've lost my network connection after 
> upgrading from 2.2.x kernel to 2.6.x.
> I'm using debian unstable. 

You will have a lot of things that will change in this upgrade! Don't
hope to have nothing to do! And be ready to fix many thinks! ;-)

The usual answer to your question is to copy the /boot/config-2.2.x in
your .config in the kernel sources tree. Then a make old-config.

But I think you should check everything by hand yourself; because from
2.2 to 2.6 there is so many things that have changed...
Take the time to read the doc /usr/src/linux/Documentation/...

Good luck!

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