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Re: [tlug] /etc/hotplug/blacklist and Debian (sarge, sid)


This is my first message. Please to meet you all!
I'm French, so please excuse my awful english...

Le 29/09/04 11:31, Alessandro Mantelli a notamment ecrit :
> Hello, I have a problem with the Hotplug of Debian.
> I tried also with sid but  it seems that the blacklist
> file is ignored by the system. In pratice, all the 
> modules that I don't want to be loaded, are nevertheless
> loaded.
> Does anyone have problems with that? Should some
> setting be changed to enable the blacklist?

I'm quite sure my suggestion is not pertinent, but did you check that
your modules are not also in the /etc/modules file?
See also your /etc/default/hotplug file.


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