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Re: [tlug] canna, anthy, m17n, skk, freewnn....what's thedifference?

>>>>> "Gábor" == Gábor Farkas <> writes:

    Gábor> which conversion engine do you use, and why?

I use Canna, because I've used it for almost 15 years, and am used to
it and it's used to me.

I don't use Wnn because when I started doing Japanese, Wnn was very
yayakoshi about various dictionaries and permissions, not to mention
that the source code was unreadable and incorrect.  Dunno about
FreeWnn; I have to suspect the source is not much better now than it
was then (it actually took a turn for the worse when FreeWnn got
started because they were in such a hurry to get it to market), but on
Linux it will be in packages so if you're not as kibishii about source
quality as I am, you won't notice.  All the permissions and setup
stuff is usually going to be taken care of for you.

SKK is not a very good engine for most people.  It stands for Single
Kana Kanji (conversion), ie, it depends on the user to know what a
"word" is.  It does convert some compound kanji words, but you need to
tell it which kana are to be converted (by capitalizing the romaji)
and which not.

Dunno about the others, don't need them so haven't tried them.

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