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[tlug] Toshiba Portege 2000

Hi, everybody:
Since this is my first mail to tlug, I am not sure , if my question is 
appropreiate. As the attached file "about modem.htm" explains the 
built-in modem cannot be used under Linux. Up to portege 7000 series a 
DSP type modem was used which worked with Linux. This information is of 
Nov. 2002.
Question: Does somebody know , if Toshiba has changed its policy and a 
sound chip type modem can nowadays be used under Linux?
Thank You
W.L. Engl.
Title: Linux Support for TOSHIBA PC

Status of the software modem support in TOSHIBA note PCs.
There are 3 different integrated modems used in Toshiba Note PCs.
Hardware Modem
Hardware Modem is mostly integrated in the earlier models. It is recognized through its serial port. It works with Linux without any trouble.
Software Modem (DSP type)
It is the earlier version of the software modem. Usage is made possible by downloading firmware(F/W) in the DSP. It works with Linux with a driver.
Software Modem (sound chip type)
This type of modem is integrated in the later models. Conversion (Analog/Digital) is done through the sound chip and everything is processed in the CPU. This modem does not work with Linux at all.
About releasing development information for software modem (sound chip type)
  In order to connect a modem to a line, authorization (the line specification)
in its country must be obtained. For the case of hardware modem, authorization
was obtained by the modem chip (IC). For the case of DSP type software modem,
the authorization was obtained by the combination of DSP chip (IC) and the F/W.

Authorization for the sound chip type software modem was obtained for Windows use,
and in order to obtain additional authorizations (supported by most countries
just like the one for Windows) for Linux, it requires tens of millions of yen,
and at least 6 months of processing time. Therefore, considering it from a
business stand point, TOSHIBA is unable to achieve this issue.

It is against the law to use the modem without the above explained authorization.
Therefore, TOSHIBA is unable to release any document for the development purpose.

If you have the software modem (sound chip type) integrated in your TOSHIBA
note PC, please use the external modem with serial port connection, or the
PC card type. Also, please keep in mind that some of the PC card modem
is software modem which would not work with Linux.

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