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[tlug] Re: [OT] Recommend a German hosting service?

David Santinoli wrote:

> IMHO this point is irrelevant.  There's no need to change registrar -
> just updating the name servers in its record will suffice.

I guess that depends on how much control over the DNS records she has.
In germany it is usually coupled to your webhosting service, so if you
change your webhoster you have to transfer your domain.

Of course it is also possible to handle this differently.
I have access to an account at so I
could offer you to move the domain there, then you could use your own dns
server or I could manage it for you.  However I would have to ask the owner
of that account first, but I think he would not have any problems with this.

Tobias						PGP:
Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, but
not tried it.    -- Donald Knuth

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