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Re: [tlug] (Commercial) Tux Sticker

On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 08:14:51AM -0400, wrote:

>antarctic animal. I was amazed and a bit sad when I discovered that such a
>thing doesn't exist. I then told myself: I will do one!

What, you didn't try Google?  I couldn't accept that claim could
possibly be true, and it's not.  Tux stickers are widely available (one
site I noticed sells them for USD $2 quantity 1) and there are even places
where you can download EPS files ready-made for that purpose and
print your own Tux sticker.  You can even get CD-sized EPS files for
putting on your home-burned CDs.  For free.

Just google for "Tux penguin sticker" and you'll find them.

>my OS is. And I am proud to tell that I can offer it to all the community

I wouldn't be proud if my first post to TLUG (probably; my personal
archive is over 7000 messages and you don't appear to be in there) was
a case of blatant hucksterism.

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