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Re: [tlug] (OT) Japanese cell-phone-mail-system

Niels Kobschaetzki wrote:

> I have a cell-phone from Vodafone (former J-Phone) and as many people 
> in Japan I use mails quite often. Now to my problem:
> When I'm at work I do not have any reception. Therefore I do not get 
> any mails (how surprising). But when someone sent me a mail I get it 
> usually something like 8 hours later (e.g. a mail was sent at 18:05 (I 
> do not have any reception from ca. 17:45), I get it 02:00 or 03:00 in 
> the morning (I have receeption again from 23:35 usually) and not 
> nearly immediately when I have reception again.

I used to have a Tokyo Digital cell phone (which became J-Phone, which 
then became Vodafone, and next will be Galaxy-Phone?) and I had the same 
problem with voice messaging.  It caused some problems because I would 
not get messages in time, and people would say "Didn't you get my 
message?" to which I would truthfully reply "No... let's see.  (Pull out 
the phone).  Here it is.  It didn't come in earlier...." and they 
wouldn't believe me.  I don't know the reason either, but it seems they 
don't have it set up to get things through as soon as a connection is 
made.  Even when I had a connection, things wouldn't necessary come in 
until several hours later.  Maybe Vodaphone in Japan is still using the 
old faulty system of Tokyo Digital Phone?

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