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Re: [tlug] Regexp

>     Daniel> I looking for a regular expression that would match
>     Daniel> everything except a particuliar string.
> Taking your egrep example seriously (ie, line-oriented behavior)
> ^[^a]*(a+([^ab][^a]*|b[^ac][^a]*)?)*$

You are right for the line-oriented behavior. The example is working.
I am yet to figure it out... but it's working...

>     Daniel> Changing the software is not an option.
> Maybe changing jobs is?  Life is too short to try to do this kind of
> task with regexps.  The "abc" example is _easy_.

Mmmm... Changing job could be an option... :)

Seriously, I need to parse out a much longer string then just "abc". And
looking at what you wrote, the regexp would be too long to be  

Thanks for the effort, I'm keeping this for reference...


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