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[tlug] Re: CAT5e CAT6 and Gigabit Ethernet

Batara Kesuma <> wrote:
> I use Gigabit Ethernet for data backup in my local network. I use CAT 5e
> for all cablings (Because I have many left over cables). I test to
> transfer file through FTP and the speed was only about 20 - 40 MByte /
> sec. I am thinking about buying some CAT 6 cables if there is any speed
> improvement. How much faster is CAT 6 compared with CAT 5e? Any advice?
> Thank you.

What kind of network card are you using?  You cannot saturate a gigabit
network with a 32bit/33MHz NIC.  And if you are reading from a single
harddisk, 40MByte/s is about what you can get.

Check out this post that discusses the issue.  It is a bit old but I
think his points are still valid.


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