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Re: [tlug] Intro and Question: Working with ATOK X

Welcome to the list.  Should we call you S or Patrick?

On 8/12/2002, "S. Patrick Eaton" <> wrote:

>I hope you folks don't mind occasional questions from a Linux newbie.

Not at all, but...

>Anyway, today I have a question about ATOK X. It came with the
>Turbolinux 8 bundle that I picked up recently, but I haven't been able
>to get it working yet.

What have you tried?  What exactly is the problem?  No one can help you if
you don't first give a step-by-step description of what you have tried,
what documentation you have read, and what exactly your trouble is.  You
haven't even mentioned what error mesage(s) you're getting, or anything. A
description along the lines of "It doesn't work" is sure to be ignored by
pretty much everyone, and those who don't ignore it will probably fire off
an RTFM response.

If you've been lurking here for a while, then you may haveseen URLs posted
by Scott and/or Josh with instructions on how to ask good questions so that
people can help you.  They are highly recommended to beginners.  If you
have not yet read those documents, this would be a good time.  If you
haven't kept those mails, start here:

Scott has lots of other useful/interesting Linux stuff on the
computertaijutsu page, the whole thing is worth browsing, but the 
newbieguide and linfaq would make excellent starting points.



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