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Re: Apologies WAS: [tlug] new computer configuration

 Pardon me for my ignorance, but AFAIK there was option to create only two kinds of partitions

   Primary  or extended.

  I can't seems to boot any os from extended partition, I know for sure Win98 & Linux needs their bootstrap from primary partitions, and I didn't know about others.

I still didn't understand how to fit in more OS's I mean where is the partition to install 3rd OS?



  Josh Glover <> wrote:

B0Ti wrote:
> Josh Glover wrote:
> He starts the thread asking:
>>nitin kakkar wrote:
> "He wants Linux (RH 7.2), Win 98 and capability to have more one os like
> Sun Os, Free BSB or XP (just to play around for a while,
> he wants to change this from time to time )"
> Later on Scott Robbins writes:
> "Both of these will probably have to be primary partitions,
> I haven't installed either on a multiboot box in awhile ...."
> Then in the email to which I replied as "A is wasted" he writes:
> "2) The four primary partitions seems to be
> A) /boot ext3 for linux boots
> B) Fat32 for windows
> C) Fat32 : Data shared between Windows & linux
> D) ext3 for linux /"

I still do not see where the requirement that everything fit into the
four allowed primary partitions comes in. Pardon me if I am being dense.
AFAIK, Linux will boot off a secondary partition (at least, in GRUB, I
am pretty sure that it will).

>>I asked this because, in general, it is good to make
> This wasn't a general case.
> Now I'm off to bed and it seems to me that you need some rest too, Josh.

True, but I think that you may be assuming something that the OP didn't

I can always use some rest, but I do not think my tiredness is effecting
my logic. If so, I stand corrected.

Josh Glover

Associate Systems Administrator

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