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[tlug] MO-203USB


I am trying to connect my Fujitsu Mocking Bird FMO-230USB so that I can
do backups.  I am using USB connection but when I try to mount I am

wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1 or too many
mounted files system.

I used the mount command  mount command [mount /dev/sda1 -t
(vfat)(msdos)(usbdevfs) /mnt/mo] using three the vfat, msdos, and the
usbdevfs file system but all of the mentioned options is producing the
same error.  If I use the mount /mnt/mo -t .... /mnt/mo I get the
"device is not a block device"

in my fastab I put the following line /mnt/mo /mnt/mo supermount
fs=auto,dev=sda1 0 0

in the /proc directory I was able to identify the usb module from
/proc/modules and /proc/devices show the usb and the devices as sd

Has anyone out there been able to make on this boy work?

any input will be greatly appreciated.


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