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Re: [tlug] OT: CPU switches


I have been using "PShare 4" (PS-104F) by Plat'Home, both at work and
home.  At home, 4 PCs are connected to a PShare and works well.  It
controls 3 cpus at work, including Sun Blade 1000 (USB keyboard/mouse) 
via Kinesys Y-mouse.  Plat'Home supplies connectivity information at:

Typing ctrl+shift+alt plus one [1-4] key changes the connection.

Unfortunately it is a kind of old model, expensive (40,000 yen!),
and the cables (,000) are not included in the package.  So, I don't
recommend this model :-).  But I think it was a reference product of
KVM swiches for 4 PCs some yeas ago, and it is still available.  So
you may want to check out the URL and compare with other makes'.

Masanori Omote

> Has anyone tried any of those keyboard-video-mouse switches (at home) ?
> I saw a few at a Bic Camera store today and was really tempted to pick one
> up.  I was interested in ones which lets you control 4 PCs.
> Prices ranged from 14,800 to 22,800.  They're not quite cheap but if the
> quality is OK, then I think I could use one.  I wonder if anyone has any
> recommendations/advice ?
> a

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