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Re: [tlug] backups

On Monday 24 June 2002 03:57 pm, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> The real issue is ssize_t (or its equivalent for your extension of
> POSIX types to big file sizes).  Unix filesystem semantics generally
> has operations return a number of bytes successfully operated on, or
> -1 for failure of some kind (EOF, error, whatever).
> You probably could cast ssize_t returns to size_t and get
> (2^WORDSIZE - 2) instead of (2^(WORDSIZE-1) - 1) as the maximum size,
> but the idea of returning -1 for EOF is already broken enough, let's
> not strain ourselves.  ;-)

So, isn't it true !!!.  
2.4 kernel limit is 16/32 Tera (4K-8K blocksize * 32-bit block-number). Thanks 
to the NWFS (NWFS 2.4.1, I think)  files could be even larger (256TB)

In any case,  the " ssize_t " issue  was very instructive ;-)   


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