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Re: [tlug] Root - NO KDE

Nguyen Hung Vu wrote:
> On 22 Jun 2002, Eric Oliver Flores wrote:
>>Actually I don't use root at all but the change took place as user and
>>that affected root.  So when I wanted to test the root account I found
>>that KDE was out!!  Perhaps is the way that Mandrake is setup.
> Why do you want to run KDE as root? It is dangerous.
> If you want to run, for example konqueror as root,then run it from konsole

For that matter, why would you want to run Konqueror as root? Especially 
in the wake of this Apache chunking vuln, by which it may be possible 
for a malicious server to 0wnz0r your browser. If this is running as 
root, well, kiss yer system goodbye, Cowboy.

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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